Improve the way you do business with Venu

Venu allows you to optimise your business processes and stay in control, giving you the freedom to focus on your customers.

What does Venu offer?
A revolution is coming

There are many reasons to join the Venu movement

Enjoy increased sales and customers

By decreasing wait times, Venu encourages patrons to spend more.

Ability to analyse sales data

Venu gives you the ability to see all of your sales data, and analyse sales trends.

Improve ability to manage RSA requirements

Venu allows your business to schedule the patrons’ ordering ability so there are no legal violations. The bartender will only serve the patron their drinks if they aren’t intoxicated.

Improve customer feedback

With Venu’s built-in support service, Venu simplifies the communication between its partner venues and its patrons.

Save time and operate more efficiently

Our intuitive user interface lets your bar staff keep track of several orders at once while not interfering with current business operations.

Let your customers find you easier

Venu notifies its users when they are near your venue using geotagging. It’s free marketing.

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